In 1935, two engineers - Carlo Brancaccio and Gaetano Loy Doná - decided to go into business, founding the firm Ingg. Loy Doná and Brancaccio Snc. With few resources, many sacrifices, and a lot of enthusiasm, from its first projects in the 1930s - such as the Tower of Nations inside the Mostra d'Oltremare - the company grew. In 1964 it became a PLC and established itself in the building industry, coming to play a leading role in the business scene in Campania and nationally.

It currently works on both public and private projects, and has played a key role in hundreds of prestigious contracts in all areas of civil and industrial construction.
And now, 85 years since the firm was led by Carlo and Corrado Brancaccio, followed by Ruggiero di Luggo, appointed Cavaliere del Lavoro in 2001, the company continues to be run by the same family, and Ruggiero's son, Giancarlo di Luggo, is its current president.

Ing. Gaetano Loy Donà

President of LDB
from 1935 to 1963
Ingegner Gaetano Loy Donà - Presidente di LDB dal 1935 al 1963

Cav. del Lav. Ing. Carlo Brancaccio

President of LDB from 1963 to 1981
President of Unione Industriali Napoli
President of ACEN, Naples
Cavaliere del lavoro Carlo Brancaccio

Ing. Corrado Brancaccio

Chairman of LDB
from 1981 to 2008
Ingegnere Corrado Brancaccio - Presidente LDB dal 1981 al 2008

Cav. del Lav. Ing. Ruggiero Di Luggo

Chairman of LDB
from 2008 to 2020
Cavaliere del lavoro Ingegner Ruggiero di Luggo - Presidente LDB dal 2008 al 2020

More than 100 Projects completed in 90 Years

There is no future without innovation: we are at the forefront of research and development to optimize processes and materials, to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.
Read about some of our projects.
Read about some of our projects.
Torre delle Nazioni
Olympic Swimming Complex
Fiart plant
Magrini Meridionale
The Villa dei Platani Clinic
C.so Vittorio Emanuele 697
CIS di Nola
Genetic Engineering Center
Med MaxiCinema
Brin Complex
Vulcano Buono
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